Hawaiian Culture Center

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Marae Cultural Program during the past three years:

2017 Koa Ike Activities
2  Conduct cultural and educational tour of  Waianae for the University of Amherst
7 Conduct cultural and educational tour of Waianae for the University of Saskatchewan
10 Conduct cultural and educational tour of Kamaile and Kaneikapualena Heiau for the University of Amherst
13 Conduct homeless tour and visit Japanese cemetary with visitors from Seattle and Hawaii island
14 Conduct cultural and educational tour of Waianae Valley for community and visitors from Molokai          
20-23 Conduct religious and cultural tour of Waianae sacred sites, Kaneaki heiau, Kane’ilio heiau, Kaneana cave, Pali, Ulupo heiau and Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu Shinto shrines and Chinatown with Shinto Ministers
24 Conduct religious and cultural tour of Waianae sacred sites, Kaneaki, Kaneana and Kaneilio with Unitarian minister and Hungarian reporters
28 Conduct traditional burial ceremonies for Waianae iwi kupuna from Army to Kukaniloko, to Kolekole pass to Nene’u.
31 Conduct cultural and educational research of Waianae Valley with visiting students from Campbell High School for Ho’omau Ke Ola
3 Conduct cultural traing for US Wildlife Pacific Region directors at Kalaeloa
6 Conduct Invocation for the State House of Representatives with Representative Cedric Gates
9  Consultation on Hawaiian culture with the Department of Defence Native Hawaiian Cultural Communication Course
10 Conduct cultural site visits of Waianae with visiting family from Maui
17 Consultation with the Army on the reinterment of iwi kupuna at Nene’u
18 Consultation of piko ceremony at Kukaniloko
21 Conduct research of Punanau’ula Heiau and Waianae Valley for Ho’omaukeola and Campbell High School students
1 Administration for Native American grant writing
6 Consultation with Japan on PAL project at the Marae and Hawaiian students
11 Presenter on Hawaiian culture and values at the Engaging Men and Boys Conference
12 PAL workshop on Hawaiian issues at the Marae Ha’a Koa Cultural Learning Center
15 Cultural presenter at the Arizona University Native American Student Affairs
19 Lineal Descendant’s piko ceremonial blessing at Kukaniloko
20 Conduct research of pPunana’ula Heiau and Waianae Valley for Ho’omau Ke Ola and Campbell High School
23/24 Reinterment of lineal descendant iwi kupuna at the Nene’u’s Army Recreation Center
Also see "Current."

Year 2016 Activities


6          Koa Ike conducts cultural and educational training for Dr. Kim and Hampshire University at Kaneaki Heiau
7          Koa Ike conducts cultural and educational training for Dr. Hanohano and Sasketchewan University professors at Kane’ilio to Makua
12       Koa Ike conducts cultural and educational training for Dr. Kim at Kamaile Kiko’o Springs and Kaneikapualena Heiau
17       Attend Rissho Kosei Kai Church and Dr. Reeves lecture on Bhuddhism
24       Hike to Palehua with hula halau
30       Attend Song Festival on Waianae Traditional Songs
1-26    Two members of Koa Ike attends the Na’iaupuni Convention
21       Research Geneology on Waianae lineal descendants
25       Attended the Aloha Aina Convention
27       Koa Ike volunteered at the Marae o Kalaeloa US Wildlife community malama aina day
2          Koa Ike conducts workshop on Waianae and Hawaiian culture with Waianae descendants
3          Meeting with Sapporo University on Hawaiian culture
            Conduct cultural training for Lehanoiki Homeless Project
5          Attended the Hula Halau O Kamuela Festival
7          Koa Ike plans cultural and educational workshop for LCC’s G2F0 and with Sapporo University
8          Koa Ike conducts tour of Waianae for the Waianae High School 50
th Anniversity
9          Visit Waimanalo’s Hawaiian village program
10       Teach Hawaiian protocols for Lehanoiki’s Homeless Project
11       Conduct cultural training for Hula Halau teachers at Mauna Lahilahi  
12       Conduct Aina blessing for Lehanoiki Homeless Project
17       Train new teachers on the Waianae Coast on Hawaiian Values and Culture for DOE at Lanikuhonua.
19       Attend the Waianae Aloha Aina conference
20       Conducted Spring Equinox visit to Kaneikapualena Heiau
21       Conducted Cultural and Educational Tour of Kaneilio Heiau for Councilwoman Pine, Mayor Cauldwell and Community.
23       Consultation with OHA and Tom on Kukaniloko
24       Cultural and Educational training for San Diego University students at Hoomau Ke Ola
25       Cultural consultation with the Army on Nene’u
31       Visit and Research Pu’u Mahuka Heiau
2          Community cultural training at Kane’ilio heiau
10       Koa Ike conducts hike on Kumaipo traditional trail in Waianae-Makaha Valley
12       Consultation and traditional training for US Wildlife at Kalaeloa
14       Koa Ike Board of Directors meeting at pPearl City Zippys
20       UH Talk Show with Evno on Hawaiian culture and values
22       Conduct cultural and educational tour of the Waianae sacred and historic sites for Leeward Community College
23       Conduct cultural and educational tour of the Waianae sacred and historic sites for community members and visitors from California
27       Koa Ike recites Poetry on Hawaiian issues at the Annual DOE Video Awards conference
28       Consultation on community concerns for homeless
11-14 Conduct cultural and educational tours of the Waianae sacred and historic sites for IARF visitors from Japan
15       Conduct Ohikilolo cultural and educational workshop for community leaders
16       Work with community leaders to identify needs for community
19       Conduct research and hike on Pu’u Pahe’ehe’e Ridge
            Consultation for Army on Makua Programatic Agreement
21       Assisted in the Community Workday at US Wildlife at Kalaeloa
2          Conduct hike and research of Pu’u Maili with community members
3          Consultation for Kukaniloko with West Oahu college
13       Consultation and cultural training at US Wildlife at Kalaeloa
17-19 Big Island trip to give consultation on Mauna Kea with community
20       Cultural training at US Wildlife at Kalaeloa for Moanalua High School
22       Consultation against the windturbine pro posal at Ka’ena pt.
2          Koa Ike conducts traditional cave burial for community member
6          Consultation against wind turbine proposal at Ka’ena Pt.
8          Consultation on the Solar project in Kamaile with SHPD
11       Participation in the PAL project from Japan on Hawaiian issues.
15       Consultation on Mauna Kea in Nanakuli
16       Conduct community hike on Kamaileunu and Malamalamaiki
18       Meeting with the community on the homeless issues
20       Consultation with BOEM agency on windturbines at Ka’ena Pt.
22       Conduct new teacher Waianae orientation for Kamaile Academy
29       Volunteer work in planting native plants at US Wildlife in Kalaeloa
30       Consultation with Army regarding Nene’u petroglyphs
3          Consultation on Makua range with Army
4          Planning session with LCC on G2FO Program
5-7      Consultation and Research on Ka’u sacred sites with federal trail management
8          Consultation with Waianae community on BOEM windturbine proposal
9          Consultation with OHA on Kukaniloko traditional cultural properties
10       Consultation with Eurus representative on Kukaauau Cave in Kamaile
11       Conduct cultural and educational tour of Waianae sacred sites with community and visitors from New York and Tennessee
13       Conduct lecture on Hawaiian values in education with LCC’s G2FO students
20       Conduct history and geneology training for Waianae lineal descendant families
22       Consultation on PAL program on Waianae and Hawaiian issues
26       Consultation on Homeless at Waianae Boat Harbor with Governor’s
            Homeless director
28-31 Consultation with Brazilian researchers on culture and education of Hawaiians.
1-19    Consultation with Brazilian researchers on culture and education of Hawaiians.
4-7      Consultation on archaeological sites in Honouliwai and Manawai Molokai
11       Koa Ike trains community members on traditional house blessings in Makaha
14       Consultation on Makua history with community members
16       Consultation on Waianae history and culture with LCC’s G2F0
            Consultation with Waianae community on Homeless
18       Cultural tour of Kaneaki with Brazilians and Waianae community members
19       Cultural consultation with US Wildlife refuge director   
23       Cultural and Kanenuiakea presentation at the Hawaii Conference of Religions for Peace
24-30 PAL presentation of Hawaiian culture and issues at the Melbourne Simulation Conference
7          Meeting on solar development
8          Consultation on preservation and farm lands on Puu Pahe’ehe’e
10        Conduct Waianae cultural tour for Kalihi YMCA
12       Consultation on Mauna Kea with state
18       Consultation and Planing meeting with US Wildlife at Kalaeloa at LCC
21       Volunteer work at US Wildlife at Kalaeloa
23       Cultural and Kanenuiakea presentation at the Hawaii Conference of Religions for Peace (HCRP)
5         Cultural and community speaker at the Higashi Hongwanji Betsuin 100th Hawaii Anniversary
10       Consultation for Makua and Neneu with the Army
11        Electrical volunteer work            for Ho’omau Ke Ola at Kaimuki High School
12-23 Cultural training of Arizona University student
13       Kumaipo Trail research and Hike with community
15         Consultation with SHPD on Kamaile Solar projects 
16         Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens Visit and plant research              
17       Waianae Comprehensive Health Center Botanical Garden visit and plant research
18       Kaneaki, Mauna Lahilahi research with community
21       Ohikilolo and Ka’ena Pt. hike and botanical research
28       Koa Ike signs with Hawaiian kahu’s Hawaiian issue concerns with Keanu Sai
29       Conduct cultural hike to Punana’ulafor Ho’omau Ke Ola
2          Consult on Maili traditional cultural property next to Mailiilii stream
3          Participate in the Palehua hike with Kamaile, DOE teachers and Townscape
5          Supervising the harvesting of Kiawe wood at US Wildlife at Kalaeloa
8          Supervising the harvesting of Kiawe wood at Us Wildlife at Kalaeloa
12       Conduct hike and research at Punana’ula Heiau with Ho’omau Ke Ola
14       Consultation meeting with Hawaiian Electric 5 year goals
16       Consultation on creating water system at Punana’ula spring
17       Assisted in the development of the Strategic Plans for Ho’omau Ke Ola
20       Volunteer at the US Wildlife at Kalaeloa
24       Koa Ike planning meeting with board and the Klinger family
29       Conduct Waianae sacred sites tour with visitors from New York and Waialae

2015 Activities

2          Koa Ike Pono Organic Farm Busines plan meeting at UH
12       Consultation for the construction of overhead transmission to connect NexTera solar
14       Administration for Native American (ANA)Grant workshop
15       Administration of Native American Grant workshop
            Consultation for Kukaniloko with OHA
17       Koa Ike cultural training at Royal Mausoleum to honor Queen Liliuokalani
24       Marae o Kalaeloa U.S. Wildlife consultation and community volunteer work
28       Kukaniloko meeting regarding gates and 500 acre site planning
2          Leeward Community College partnership meeting with Halau o Pu’uloa
10       ANA grant meeting  to support Halau Lokahi Charter School
17       Meeting with Leeward District Office regarding Koa Ike ANA grant
24       Meeting with UH Bio-Science department and US Wildlife regarding   partnership
28       Koa Ike cultural training at Kaneikapualena Heiau and Waianae sites
2          Koa Ike cultural training for the Japanese International Association of Religious Freedom (IARF) on Waianae sacred sites.
5          OHA’s Native Hawaiian Historic Preservation Council (NHHPC) Meeting
6          Koa Ike volunteer teaching for Kalaeloa US Wildlife with Kapolei High School
14       Koa Ike volunteer teaching for Kalaeloa US Wildlife
20       Ho’omau Ke Ola Kupuna meeting with Aunty Betty
21       Koa Ike suport for Waianae
23       Community Development and Financing Conference
26       Koa Ike volunteer teaching for Kalaeloa US Wildlife with Nalu Studies
28       Koa Ike consultation for Ho’omau Ke Ola aquaculture project
30       Koa Ike testifies at the DOE Charter Commission on helping Halau Lokahi
            Charter School
31       Koa Ike consultation for Hawaiian Electric
4          Koa Ike consultation with the State Historic Program Department (SHPD)regarding Eurus Solar
6          Testify at OHA board meeting
8          Testify at the Oahu Island Burial Council on iwi kupuna
11       Pick up pohaku stones for imu
12-15 Koa Ike testimony on Mauna Kea and research on Big Island sacred sites
16       Koa Ike consultation on PVT dump in Nanakuli
21       Visit Governor’s Office to protest the TMT construction on Mauna Kea
23       Koa Ike consultation and volunteer work at Ho’omau Ke Ola’s Punana’ula
24       OHA’s NHHPC meeting
30       OHA’s Board of Trustees Meeting
9          Koa Ike presentation of Kanenuiakea religion at the Kapolei Unitarian Church
15       Meeting with Leeward Community College on education
16       Koa Ike consultation with Nanako of Sapporo University at Kaneilio Heiau
21       OHA meeting regarding Kukaniloko sacred site
27       Koa Ike consultation with the US Army on the Kahuku iwi kupuna (family remains)
2          Koa Ike consultation with Hawaiian Homelands regarding Waianae sites
14       Koa Ike volunteer at Kahana fishpond restoration
15       Koa Ike consultation and volunteer at the Marae o Kalaeloa US Wildlife Refuge
21       Koa Ike conducts the Hawaiian Solstice Ceremony for Mauna Kea at Kane’ilio Heaiau.
24       Koa Ike gives testimony at OHA on Mauna Kea
25       Koa Ike volunteer community workday at Marae o Kalaeloa US Wildlife Refuge
30       Koa Ike hike and research on Keaau Mountain
1          Koa Ike meeting on marae system
5          Keaau Cave research for contemporary traditional cave burial
9          Keaau Cave research
10       Koa Ike consultation and volunteer work at Marae o Kalaeloa US Wildlife       Refuge
14       Koa Ike consultation Federal Census Coding
15       Koa Ike US Wildlife Refuge Appreciation Day
17       Koa Ike volunteer at Marae o Kalaeloa Night US Wildlife Refuge Opae             research
20       Medical Conference at UH Medical Center
25       Kahana Valley hike and research
30       Koa Ike participation in the Waianae Community Economic Development       Roundtable
31       Koa Ike participation in the Ho’omau Ke Ola’s Waianae Ahu pua’a a presentation in the National Association for Rural ental Health Conference
1          La Ho’iho’I Ea Celebration
1          UH Law School on Hawaiian Native Rights
2          Forgiveness Day at Kawaiahau Church regarding WWII
6          Koa Ike presentation on Waianae history at the LCC Waianae Retreat
9          Participation in the Japan Global Peace Project at the Palolo Hongwanji           Temple
15       Koa Ike educational and cultural training at LCC retreat
16       Manini Family Reunion Speaker
20       Koa Ike cultural training on equinox
25       Koa Ike participates in PAL Project using Skype with the University of  Sapporo
5          Koa Ike blesses Film Project at Kaneana cave
8          Consultation and volunteer at the Marae o Kalaeloa US Wildlife Refuge
12       Koa Ike consultation and volunteer work building ahu at Marae o Kalaeloa US Wildlife Refuge
9          Community Meeting with Representative Tupola at Sea Country
19       Community Meeting with Representative Tupola at Waianae Comprehensive Health Center
21       Koa Ike conducts Fall Equinox tradition at Mauna Lahilahi
23       Koa Ike conducts Fall Equinox observation at Kaneikapualena Heiau
8          Koa Ike eeting with Army Lt. Col. London and staff on Waianae Hawaiian tradition and history
10       Koa Ike cultural and educational consultation on names of Waianae sites for Kamehameha Schools Maili Center
12       Koa Ike participates against the homeless project development across of Waianae High.
25       Koa Ike represents the Kanenuiakea religion on World Peace at the Getdatsu Shinto Temple
1          Koa Ike presentation of Kanenuiakea at the Palolo Hongwanji Temple
3          Koa Ike consultation with the army on Makua Training Range
12       Koa Ike gives cultural training on Hawaiian traditions to the Deputy Director of Interior at Marae o Kalaeloa US Wildlife Refuge
10       Koa Ike conducts Kanaloa traditions for Waianae family
20       Koa Ike conducts Winter Solstice tradition at Makua

Year 2014 Activities


1          Conducts hike at Kaneana Cave and Makua area
4          Meets with Chinese educational representative Mr. Leu
            Conducts Kaneilio cultural and educational tour
5          Marae Hula class
6          Cultural consultation for the Board of Water on Kiko’o Spring  
8          Consultation with OHA on burial protection measures
9          Conducts cultural and educational training for Sasketchawan University
13       Community and cultural consultation for the Wong Dairy
15       Cultural consultation for Kane’ilio with the Drug Free Progam
18       Marae Ha’a Koa Environmental hike at Pearl Ridge.
21       Cultural consultation with the Army at Scholfield
25       Conduct Kuaokala cultural and environmental hike
27       OHA NHHPC meeting
2          Marae Hula class
3          Cultural consultation for Board of Water on marking site at Kamaile   
5          Consultation at the Native Hawaiian Communication Course by OHA with
7          Cultural consultation with the Army at Scholfiel
9           Marae Hula Class
12       OIBC meeting on burials
16       Marae Hula Class
21       Cultural and Community consultation with NRCS for Kunia archaeological and  burial desecrations
23       Conducted traditional house blessing at Maunawiliwili
24       OHA NHHPC meeting           
28       Conduct cultural tour of Waianae for Nanakuli High School
6          Meeting with Waianae Hawaiian Homesteaders on Solar project          
7          Conduct cultural visit for community members at Lanikuhonua
8          Conduct historic and cultural hike to Waianae Valley
9          Marae Hula
11       Waianae Homested Meeting on Solar on Solar project
13       Cultural consultation with Dan Shultz of BWS for Kamaile Wells
15       Conduct cultural training on iwi kupuna for Mauna Lahilahi
16       Meeting with Halau Kumana Charter School on Waianae sites
17-23             Marae Cultural and Educational Classes
24       Marae College Internship – Waianae Water Sites Research
25       Marae College Internship - Keawa’ula Sites Research
26       Marae College Internship – Makua Valley Research        
27       Marae College Internship – Hawaiian Electric Research
28       Marae College Internship- Ohikilolo and Kaneana Cave Research
29       Kukuianiani Heiau Malama Aina
30       Marae Hula
31       OHA NHHPC meeting
2          Meeting with State Historic Preservation Council on Kunia site desecrations  
6          Marae Hula
7          Cultural and Historic consultation with Cleghorn for Wong Dairy
8          Cultural Research on Waianae Sites
9          Marae Cultural Class
10       Marae Cultural Class
13       Marae Hula
14       Marae Cultural Class
15       Marae Cultural Class
16       Marae Hula
18       Scholfield Sites Tour
20       Marae Hula
21       Marae Cultural Class
22       Marae Cultural Class
27       Marae Hula Class
28       OHA NHHPC Meeting
29       Marae Cultural Class           
30       Marae Cultural Class
1          JW Elworth Meeting regarding business
2          Marae Cultural Classs
4          Marae Hula
7          Educational Consultation on OWL Whole Life
8          Consultation on Neneu sites with Army
9          Koa Ike Board Meeting with Officers at Chun Wah Kam
11       Marae Hula Class     
12       Marae Cultural Class
14       Associated Press interview on Waianae sacred sites
15       Hawaiian Electric Community Leaders Meeting
16       Marae Cultural Research Class
17       Marae Cultural Research Class
18       Marae Hula Class
19       Marae Cultural Research Class
20       Marae Cultural Research Class
21       OHA meeting on military consultation
23       Cultural Class for Univesity of Hawaii students
25       Marae Hula Class
26       Cultural Class for University of Hawaii students
27       Cultural Class for University of Hawaii students
28-30 Marae Cultural Research Class
1          Marae Hula Class
2-5      Marae Cultural Research Class
8          Marae Hula Class
9          Garden Class
10       Marae Cultural Research Class
11       Garden Class
12       Marae Cultural Research Class
13       Permaculture Class
15       Marae Hula Class
16       Marae Facility Cleanup
17       Marae Facility Cleanup
18       Marae Cultural Research Class
19       Permaculture Class
20       Permaculture Class
22       Marae Hula Class     
23       Marae Cultural Class
24       Hawaiian Sovereignty Meeting
26       Marae Cultural Class
27       OHA NHHPC Meeting
30       Marae Cultural Class
31       Marae Cultural Research Class 
1          Geneology Research Class
2          Geneology Research Class
3          Hana Maui Geneology Research Class
4          Geneology Research Class
6          Marae Hula
7          Hana Maui Geneology Research Class
8-10    Maui Island Cultural Research       
11       Marae Cultural Class
13       Marae Hula Class
14-18 Alu Like Hawaiian Leadership Class
19       Makaha Active High
20       Marae Hula Class
21-26 Hawaiian Leadership Class
27       Hawaiian Leadership Class and Marae Hula Class
28       Hawaiian Leadership Class and Army meeting on Makua
29-31 Hawaiian Leadership Class
1          Hawaiian Leadership Class
2          Meeting with David Wong on Agriculture
3          Marae Hula Class     
4-9      Hawaiian Leadership Class
10       Marae Hula Class
11-15 Hawaiian Leadership Class
17       Marae Hula Class
18-21 Marae Cultural Class
22-27 International Associaltion for Religious Freedom Presentations on Kanenuiakea in Birmingham England
24       Marae Hula Class
25       International Association for Religious Freedom Research
26-29             Marae Cultural Class
31       Marae Hula Class
1-5      Marae Cultural Research
7          Marae Hula Class
8-12    Marae Cultural Research
14       Marae Hula Class
15-19 Marae Cultural Research
21       Marae Hula Class
23       OHA Grant Workshop
24-27  Marae Cultural Research
28       Consultation with Keanu Sai and Koa Mana regarding Makua
29       Consultation with Governor candidate Ige on cultural protection
30-31 Marae Cultural Class
1-2      Marae Cultural Research
5          Marae Hula Class
6          OHA NHHPC meeting
7          Marae Cultural Class
8          UH Class on How to Publicizes your project          
10       Marae Cultural Research
11       Waianae Family Kane’ilio Research and Training
12       Marae Hula Class     
13       Cultural and Historic consultation on Wahiawa Resevoir
14-16 Marae Cultural Class
18       Koa Ike speech on Kanenuiakea and Peace at Palolo Hongwanji Church
19       Marae Hula Class
20       Makua Meeting with Alika Silva     
21-23 Marae Malama Aina
25       Koa Ike research and visit to Maunawili Heiau
26       Marae Hula Class
27-29 Waianae Wahipana Research
2          Marae Hula Class
5          Marae Malama Aina
9          Marae Hula Class
10       Marae Cultural Class
11       Meeting with OHA trustee Peter Apo on Hawaiian rights
12       Marae Cultural Research
13       Ho’oulu Aina Visit
14       Marae Cultural Research
16       Marae Hula Class
17       Marae Malama Aina
18-19 Marae Cultural Research
20       Cultural and Educational consultation for Kamehameha Schools Waianae photo project
21       Kukaniloko consultation for Kukaniloko
22       Volunteer work for Marae o Kalaeloa on opae’ula night research
23       Marae Malama Aina
24       Marae Cultural Class
25       Research on Hawaiian Sovereignty with Keanu Sai at UH
28       Koa Ike participates in the March on Hawaiian Rights from Kahe to Ka’ena Pt.
30       Marae Hula Class
4          Geneology Research
8-9      Marae Cultural Research
14       Marae Hula Class
16-19 Marae Malama Aina
21       Marae Hula Class
22       Marae End of the Year Celebration

Past Marae Ha'a Koa Activities:

Stacks Image 74

Christopher Oliveira giving the opening Oli (a Peace Prayer)
at the Hawaii Conference on Religion and Peace

Stacks Image 76

Meeting our senator, Maile Shimabukuro to support our Waianae community

Stacks Image 272

Our Directors, Chris and Glen, at Capitol

Stacks Image 82
Marae Ha'a Koa's educators Glen Kila and Christophor Oliveira teaching world friends in Bhutan about Ka'ananiau, managing the rolling beauty of time.
Stacks Image 86

Indigenous Representations at Bhutan Conference

Stacks Image 114

Marae Ha'a Koa students learning about the Waianae Mountains at Camp Timberline

Stacks Image 110

Haku Leadership Training for our Keiki

Stacks Image 108

Presentations and Interfaith Work

Stacks Image 106

Hawaiian presenters at the 2014 International Society of Ethnobiology Congress

Stacks Image 104

Koa Ike teachers, Glen Kila and Christophor Oliveira

Stacks Image 102

Learning at Kalae-o-Pa'akai of Hi'iaka's travel
through Waianae

Stacks Image 136

Marae Ha'a Koa Learning Center taking Waianae and
Waipahu students to Waimea Falls

Stacks Image 134

Marae Ha'a Koa Students learning about the aina
that feeds us

Stacks Image 132

Malaea, original name of Pokai Bay

Stacks Image 130

Approaching Kane'ilio Heiau

Stacks Image 128

College students visiting Kane'ilio Heiau

Stacks Image 254

Solstice Celebration

Stacks Image 126

Teaching Waianae Families about Waianae Traditions

Stacks Image 256

Looking toward Mauna Lahilahi

Stacks Image 122

1929 Hawaii Territory Survey Map of Oahu

Stacks Image 120

Learning at Kaneana Cave, the womb of PaPa, Mother Earth

Stacks Image 118

Experiencing our Aina and its Malama

Stacks Image 116

Malama Aina, Taking Care of our Rock Canoe

Stacks Image 98

Sites Visits with our Ohana

Stacks Image 200

Visiting a Shelter Cave; Burial Caves must not be Disturbed

Stacks Image 258

Visiting a Shelter Cave; Burial Caves must not be Disturbed

Stacks Image 196

Studying Flora and Fauna of Waianae Coast

Stacks Image 194

Sharing Indigenous Knowledge

Stacks Image 192

Presentations and Sharing with Partners

Stacks Image 188

Joining Hawaiians seeking understanding and justice

Stacks Image 186

Chris, Marae's Co-Director, Teaching

Stacks Image 184

Visits to Historic and Sacred Sites

Stacks Image 216

Kiki learning about registration of historic sites

Stacks Image 214

Sharing with our Community

Stacks Image 212

Sharing with Local, State and Federal Agencies

Stacks Image 210

Looking west from Kāne‘ikapualena Heiau

Stacks Image 206

Preservation of Original Knowledge of the Waianae Traditions

Stacks Image 204

Presentation at Kaneana Cave